Modern Bohemian Ca’ d’Zan Wedding

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I was the most indecisive, “I like it all” type of bride. I had many different visions, was all over the place, and somehow Anna managed to bring my exact vision to life and made our wedding day so beautiful. Wedding planning can be so stressful, and every time someone would ask me how everything was going, i would confidently be able to tell them everything was fine and that my wedding planner was handling it...

"I genuinely miss working with her!"

Stephanie & Logan

001 // 004

My favorite thing about working with her was how well she listened. She listened to my ideas, my ramblings, my worries, and she created something beautiful out of them. The wedding I got was not what I pictured – it was so much better. Anna is the perfect blend of an artist and project manager. This woman clearly has impeccable taste, but she is also so diligent and detail oriented in a way that takes 99% of the stress off you and your partner's shoulders, and in my opinion that is what makes a wedding planner the best of the best. 

"Anna is the perfect blend of an artist and project manager."

Karina & Jesse

002 // 004

Seeing our ceremony/reception set up for the first time- my jaw was dropped. Anna did such an amazing job bringing my vision to life.

"my jaw was dropped"

Madison &  Kevin

003 // 004

I was actually able to RELAX on my wedding day thanks to all of the work from the whole Taylored Affairs team.

"I was able to relax"

Jenna & Alex

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