Fashion’s Fight Against Cancer



Every spring, I find myself in a backstage room surrounded by a flurry of models, needles and thread, the air clogged with the film of hair spray, perfume, and nervous giggles. I can usually be found trying to sit still in a makeup chair while scribbling frantically on note cards, or fielding phone calls for last-minute items while simultaneously answering questions from DJ’s and interns.


For the fourth year in a row, I was asked to emcee the annual Fashion’s Fight Against Cancer Fashion Show. The show is organized and hosted by lead designer L. Allen, whose collections epitomize a breezy southern elegance. I’ve become a sucker for their undercurrent of simple sophistication.  In 2013, L. Allen expanded his event to L. Allen Fashion Week, encompassing three events: a couture show the first night, a Midtown shop-hop the second night with special deals on drinks and designer duds, and the traditional show gracing the final night.

The entire week benefited the Joanna Francis Living Well Foundation; I had a chance to interview Joanna in the video below.  It’s always amazing to see how passion and talent can blend together to support a truly worthy cause. I couldn’t have been prouder or more humbled to have been part of this event again!

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